Marine Tips is a first global review and rating system for merchant ships, passenger, offshore vessels and rigs.

Remember, when you had a time before joining another ship, have you been curious, how’s life onboard? Who is your boss, how tasty is the food, do they have internet and gym?

All of above inspired us to build this website. Where sailors can tell the sailors. Where vital, specific information about ships can be shared.

So, if you are reading this, you definitely have something to share about your ships where you have been working.

And yes, you can write your review.

First of all, enter the name of ship, IMO or MMSI number to the search field (better to start from IMO number as it’s unique). Then, if ship found, go to her page. Read the “Author review”. If you agree or not agree, or information provided is already old, just add a “Public review”. You can find a “Public review” form at the bottom of ship’s page. The number of author’s reviews per ship are not limited. Feel free to post a new review for the same ship. Then, follow all steps to write a review: register your profile, wait for confirmation and go LIVE with your opinion!

Just be objective, please. No rude words, no names. We have the rights to suspend your review, if it’s violates our Terms and Conditions.

Also, the important question is: the salary. We plan to arrange a separate research section on our website to provide salary information for every ship. That’s why we require to select your salary range in registration form. This information will be not shown anywhere before we implement the above mentioned feature. And will be completely anonymous and not linked to your profile for sure.

Happy reviewing, sailor!

Marine Tips